Boy’s House fundraising appeal

Like most countries of the world, the COVID 19 pandemic is affecting Kenya, though it has not spread as widely there (yet?) as in the UK. People are advised not to travel, but children are still going to school. Maseno is far from the main cities, with a fairly static rural community, so it is less endangered by the virus. However, local health facilities are very basic, there is no NHS, and all hospital care is very expensive. (3 weeks in Intensive Care costs the patient’s family around £25,000 which is over 10 years’ income for most people). So we continue to be concerned for the health and well-being of the children and the staff at the Julius and Dora (J&D) Children’s Centre during the pandemic.

At the J&D Children’s Centre we now have 32 children, around half of whom have been ‘dumped’ on us without consultation over the past 18 months by the Government who are closing many inadequate orphanages. Many of these orphans had been abused and were traumatized, but it is wonderful to see how they are now responding very positively to love and care. 

Can you help us to finish building the new accommodation for the extra children?

The overcrowding has been terrible in the original J&D house, because how do you suddenly fit 32 children into a house designed for 14?!

So the UK registered charity ‘The Friends of Julius and Dora Children’s Centre’ has been urgently trying to raise money for a new accommodation building (as well as for the living costs and school fees of the extra children). See the attached Architect’s plan.

The full cost of the building will be just over £40,000, and the good news is that we have already been given just over half of the total amount!! We are so grateful for people’s generosity. This has enabled us to build the foundations, walls and roof (just in time before the rainy season and flooding), but now we have had to pause the building work while we try to raise the remaining £20,000 that is needed.

If you can help in any way, please do. Donations, suggestions….let us know of any charities you think might be interested in supporting J&D. If you know anyone who could help, please download and send them the “J&D Summary handout” which is available on the Home Page of this website or below:

Download the J&D Summary handout here 

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