Julius and Dora Children’s Centre, Maseno, Kenya Newsletter, Spring Summer 2022

Newsletter 23

To all friends and supporters of the Julius & Dora Children’s Centre in Maseno, Kenya


Thank you so much for your all your generous support, concern and prayers for the children. I’m sending you the latest news and photos from the J&D children (Spring-Summer Newsletter 23, attached).

So much has happened since I last wrote at Christmas!

  • Our 3 eldest children passed their National exams in March and have gained places at good Secondary schools. They are happy and doing well.
  • We have received 2 new babies and a courageous teenage girl (read her story!).
  • We have managed to find relatives of several of the older children who came to us from ‘failed orphanages’, so they have gone away to those new homes.
  • We now have 15 children at Primary schools and 12 little ones who are being ‘home-schooled’ with us. They are settled and enjoying it.

Please pray for:

  • The children, that God will watch over them and grow them in wisdom, maturity and faith. It is so exciting seeing them develop!  
  • The ongoing health and wellbeing of all the children, Flossie, Teacher Grace and the carers. We thank God that all are fine at the moment.
  • More donors / sponsors, especially for the children’s education. We are hugely grateful for several new supporters who have joined us in the past few months.  

Do let me know if you have any friends who would like to receive the J&D newsletters. Contact us here.

Thank you so much for all your caring and giving for the children at J&D.

May God be with you and bless you

All good wishes


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