Privacy Policy and Data Protection for the UK Charity

“Friends of Julius & Dora Children’s Centre, Maseno, Kenya”

The “Friends of Julius and Dora Children’s Centre” is a registered charity based in England (Charity no. 1122222), which supports and raises money for the ‘Julius and Dora Children’s Centre’ in Maseno, Kenya. 

To all donors/supporters who are on the mailing list for the newsletter of the Friends of Julius & Dora Children’s Centre (J&D):

  1. Your personal data is held and seen only by the Charity Trustees of ‘The Friends of J&D’, and we have not and will not ever pass on any of your personal data to any third parties.
  1. We only hold personal data on you which you have already deliberately chosen to give us, and the purposes for which you did this have not changed:
  2. Your name and email address are held securely by the Newsletter Editor (Revd Amiel Osmaston) so that we can keep you in touch with news about the J&D Children’s Centre; and
  3. For those of you who donate regularly, our Treasurer Mr Jim Dobson holds securely the personal data and contact details which you gave him for that purpose.
  1. We only hold data which is continuing to be used for the purposes for which you gave it to us (we do not ‘store data’). 

At any time if you wish to access, check, correct or erase any of the personal data we hold on you, then simply contact:

If you do not wish to receive the J&D Newsletters in future, please inform the Newsletter Editor, who will delete you from the mailing list.

If you do not cancel, then your original request to receive emailed J&D newsletters will be deemed to remain in place.

For your information, here is the official statement of the “Friends of J&D’s Purposes”, as stated in the Charity Commission documents (Charity no. 1122222), and annual reports:

“The main function of the ‘Friends of J & D’ is to generate funds and provide support for the Julius and Dora Children’s Centre at Maseno, Kenya (the Centre). The Centre started operations in April 2008 as a registered NGO in Kenya providing a home for orphaned and abandoned children, including food, education and care, and offering them dignity and hope for a sustainable future.

The UK Trustees of ‘The Friends of J&D’ receive and review progress reports from their sister charity in Kenya. The chairman is in regular contact with the Director of the Centre (Flossie Adoyo), who is accountable to the Kenyan board for the running of the Centre. The Director responds to the Friends of J & D trustees’ queries about the Centre’s policy and activities. The trustees fundraise in support of the Centre’s activities, publicise the Centre’s needs and activities, and facilitate prayer support and gifts in kind. In future the charity’s support may also include offering volunteer assistance with the running of the Centre”. 

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