We are delighted that several of our recent projects have now been achieved / completed, and are hugely grateful to every one of our supporters who has helped to make this possible:

  1. In 2021, in spite of the pandemic, we managed to build an additional accommodation building (Julius House) for the 17 extra children who had been suddenly ‘dumped’ on us by the Government, from orphanages that were being closed.
  2. From 2022 onwards, we have managed to find and employ some new staff. Grace, an excellent Nursery and Primary school teacher, now gives our younger children a good educational foundation. (They were previously at the local government Primary School which turned out to be hopelessly overcrowded, under-resourced and useless). The children love Grace, and she is having a very positive effect on our J&D family community. We have also taken on an extra house parent / carer for the children, so that we now have 3 women carers.
  3. In Spring 2023 we completed a large new dining room and kitchen for the children. We are very grateful to the local Kenyan women’s branch of the Soroptimists, who raised most of the money for this, and also to a generous anonymous supporter who enabled us to finish the building and furnish it.
  4. Also in 2023 we received 5 donated refurbished computers, (4 of them from the charity Afrinspire). The children are very excited to be receiving lessons in computing and IT skills.

Our Current Projects include:

We are seeking to raise funds to:

  1. Improve the fencing around the J&D property and create a strong gate, so as to make the security better for the children.
  2. Acquire some solar panels so as to benefit the environment and reduce our electricity bills.
  3. Continue to provide school fees for the children.

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