Our Aims & Vision

Our Aims

MISSION Restored human rights and dignity of childhood and to give orphaned and highly vulnerable children help, hope and opportunity.

VISION To save children’s live and provide them assistance towards alleviation of social and psychological problems arising out of poverty, illiteracy, diseases, abandonment, depression, marital breakdown in order to ensure that the future generation have dignity, hope and a sustainable future.

OUR WORK To generate funds in order for our mission and vision to be realised and move forward where the need is greatest.

Our Vision

In response to this situation, a group of Christians decided to come together and set up the Children’s centre in Maseno (Julius and Dora’s home village).

The Children’s Centre started its operations in April 2008 from rented premises, but we have now built and moved into a permanent home for the children at Maseno.

The Friends of Julius and Dora UK exist to help support this work through fund raising activities.

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