2023 Summer, J&D Children’s Centre newsletter 26

Summer Newsletter 26 with all the latest news and photos of the children at the Julius & Dora Children’s Centre (J&D). It covers all that has been happening since we last wrote in April – and so many exciting things have happened!

Two of the children (Zawadi and Baraka) have each asked us to include handwritten letters from them to you. Photos of both letters are in the attached newsletter.

We thank God for so many answers to prayer, including:

  • The children themselves – as in April, we still have 37 lovely children in our care (see pages 13 – 17 for an update on their progress).
  • The survival of baby Justice Ushindi, who was abandoned at birth and brought to J&D in May, weighing only 1.6kg. He was supposed to be put in an incubator but at the time all Kenyan doctors were on strike so nobody could take him except us …. and now he weighs 2.6kgs.
  • The completion of the flooring and furnishing of the new dining room and kitchen – now the children don’t have to eat outdoors (whatever the weather!), and can do their homework at tables in the evenings.
  • The donated fire-extinguishers, and the computers. We only have occasional wi-fi, but the children are enjoying learning to use Microsoft.
  • Hopeful outcomes from the discussions Flossie had with the County’s Children’s Director, about finding relatives who could look after some of the children (see page 7).

Please pray for:

  • Kesley who is recovering from an encouraging operation, and Riziki who is soon to have hospital investigations (see more on Page 4).
  • Our 6 children who are taking vital national exams in October, for entry to Secondary Schools: Neema Milakon, Zawadi, Tamara, Joyce Neema, Daniel and Tumaini. (See pages 13-14)
  • All our children, that God will continue to watch over them and grow them in wisdom, maturity and faith.
  • Enough money to be able to cope with the huge increases this year in cost of living (see pages 7-8 … some key food items have tripled in price), and to continue paying the children’s school fees (about £980 per child per year now).

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