Children move to new purpose-built home in Maseno at last!

Newsletter 5, March 2014

We moved from the rented house in Kakamega to our new home in Maseno on 7th January 2014. This was very exciting for us because we had been looking forward to moving to the new premises for a long, long time. Our new house is very nice and we want to thank God for everybody who has contributed to its construction. Even though the house is not yet completely done, it is habitable and there are just a few things remaining to be done and then it will be completed. When we moved, Rev. Asilutwa (the Vicar from Kakagmega) came with us so that he could pray for us as we moved into the house. He also played with us. Below are some pictures of us at Maseno.

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2014 April, J&D Children’s Centre Newsletter 5

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