Julius & Dora Children’s Centre, Maseno, Kenya Newsletter 17, Sept 2019

Written by Flossie (Floice) Adoyo, co-ordinator and ‘Mum’ of the Children’s Centre

All the 17 J&D children who started at Ebulako Primary School in January.

I said in my last newsletter that we were planning to move the children from a private school to the local Government-run school, Ebulako Primary School. The private school had problems such as high school fees, levies and biases / prejudice against the children. Also the school increased their fees for this year, which proved to be too much for us.

Public primary schools in Kenya are by law supposed to be free (Universal Free Primary Education) but in reality, there are many levies parents have to pay. These include, activity levy, exam fees-both mid-term and end term, desk levy, teacher/parents’ association levy, registration into GoK Information Management System fees, interview fees for new students, and a host of other levies. Other costs include buying books, school bags and uniforms. Anyway, whatever the case, the payments are much lower than what we were paying at the private school before.

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